Monday, July 23, 2012

Wedding Invitations become Fabulous Jewelry!

   Our favorite local jewelry artist, Mona Lindvall of mLindvall…inspired design, provides a beautiful example of repurposing and recycling…Mona recently created the pieces shown in the photo below as a gift for some very fortunate newlyweds. The couple's wedding invitations became wearable keepsakes!

   "This was a custom order from wedding guests to honor the bride and groom at their steampunk-themed wedding! The groom's bracelet was crafted from the copper sheet of the invitation...the brides's from the gears and washers that were attached!"


   rural recommends mLindvall...inspired design

   To see more of Mona's work, please visit her Etsy shop at:

mLindvall...inspired design
Wedding invitations become wearable keepsakes by mLindvall...inspired design

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